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NOW is an innovative, leadership-development college prep program. We provide a plethora workshops, including ACT/SAT test-taking strategies, navigating the college application process, and an annual Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCU) Tour.

The program is an educational initiative. The program provides an enhanced awareness of the academic programs, college entrance requirements, career opportunities, financial resources, and social and emotional support systems.


College Prep Requirements  


  1. College Planning – Navigating through the Process. The college planning and search process is an important part of the educational journey. NOW is excited to be a part of that process. If at all possible, begin the process in freshman year. We will discuss timelines showing how the College Planning process.  Researching, visiting, and ultimately selecting a college is the culmination of the experience. 

  2. Writing Workshops:  Provide training to students to develop better writing skills needed for college (essays) applications and financial scholarships.

  3. ACT/SAT Preparation and Test-taking Strategies:  Provide suggestions on how to maximize your score on these important and stressful standardized tests.

  4. Complete Program Portfolio: Community service is a huge component of the program


The HBCU tour provides a six-day visit to historically black colleges and universities across the country.  The college tour is during Washoe County School District’s Spring Break with visits to seven to ten HBCUs.

Scholarship/Grant Programs

NOW accepts special scholarships from corporations, colleges and universities, civic and social groups and individuals. If you are interested in establishing a Scholarship, please call us at 775-525-1835 or click here for more information. 

In-Kind Donations

Utilize your personal and professional connections to facilitate and/or participate in sponsorship of event spaces, printing or design of promotional materials, or other services or items you would like to provide in-kind.


If you have any questions or would like any additional information on these ways to give, please contact NOW at 775-525-1835.

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Each year, NOW turns away youth due to lack of available scholarship funds. Many students go through the seven-month college prep program but are unable to come up with all the funds for the Historically Black Colleges & Universities tour.

The NOW Adopt-A-Student program is designed to provide scholarship dollars to students that would otherwise be turned away.


A scholarship can make it possible for students to take advantage of the opportunity to find out firsthand how to navigate through the college application process, to ask questions directly to the admissions staff, quiz the university’s president about the campus, walk the campus and determine if a particular campus is the best fit. When you make the commitment to adopt-a-student, you help change a life.

These young people represent the workforce of tomorrow. Helping youth invest in their education is a rewarding foray into philanthropy for individuals and groups alike.



1.     The sponsor makes a commitment of $1,550 per year the youth enrolls in the program.

2.     NOW selects the student using any predefined criteria set forth by the sponsor (student gender, grade, etc.) and submits the name to the sponsor or the sponsor allows NOW to select a student(s).

3.     The sponsor may then remain anonymous or may choose to communicate with the student.

4.     The sponsor receives an essay from the student.


Notify NOW that you would like to participate in the program. You can do this by calling NOW at 775-525.1835. NOW accepts direct payments in the form of cash, credit card, checks and money orders. There is a processing fee for credit card payments.

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