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The following is an informational list of scholarship & grant programs, placed here for your convenience.



Adopt-A-Student Program (TBD)


Students who apply for assistance from NOW may be selected into the "Adopt-A-Student" program. Through this program, a donor selects or asks NOW to select an individual which meet their set criteria. The donor then provides a grant of $1,000 or a different amount for each year the student is in the program. In return, NOW keeps the donor abreast of the student's progress and provides opportunities for mentoring and other interaction if the donor requests it. There is no separate application for this program and students cannot request enrollment into it. Students are notified by NOW if they are selected to be enrolled in the program. These grants may be either need based or merit based.


Resources for college scholarships

You can also find more information on scholarships and financial resources at:


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